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Update on Victor

So many of you have been so sweet and concerned about Victor and what is happening with him and his chiropractic office. Basically, Victor is now helping another doctor for three days a week. He is working his office three days a week. It is a great learning experience for Victor because although he is the BEST chiropractor around (I know I am biased..but just a teensy bit, everybody else says the same about him), he needs to improve in marketing and mostly in marketing himself. So, he is learning new things from this other doctor everyday. Mostly, he is learning to affirm out loud to the patient the improvements, constantly checking and rechecking muscles to show the patient the improvement, ask how they feel etc. Victor knows people will feel better, just assumes everyone knows that, but by stating these things out loud, it helps the patient to be more aware of it, and it is also good for referrals. We realize that Victor is as good as any other doctor and better in most ways, espec…

Mother's Day, 2009

Emily, Nicole, Morgan, Cassidy, Victor and Donovan

We have had a great day. We went to mass this morning and then to my cousin, Tammy's house for a BBQ. It was very relaxing and I loved seeing the kids play so much!

Race for The Cure May 9th, 2009

Race for the Cure
Boise, Idaho
May 9th, 2009

Of course, this blog has to be in Pink. This morning was quite inspiring! Last year Boise had 14,050 walkers and this year we topped 15,000. It is pretty impressive for our population. I found today to be quite inspiring and very touching. I especially liked the papers on the backs of people that said who they were walking in memory of or celebration of. There were sisters,aunts, mothers, daughters, even fathers. All I can say about this event is that it felt wonderful to be a part of this group. I would do it again in a heartbeat and Lindsey and I want to find more walks like this to be a part of. I know that my Emily would have loved to be a part of this walk also. I feel very tired today, it is more emotional than anything because I walk 3 miles on the treadmill everyday, so it is not the physical exhaustion, but rather all the emotions involved in this day. Let's all pray for a cure, the sooner the better.

Dinner Train Ride

Nicole and Jeanette

I am so excited to have met Jeanette last night on the train ride, what a lovely and charming woman. She is originally from Germany and still has her accent. She is also married to a chiropractor and we share many common interests and similar past histories. I am really looking forward to getting to know her better. I feel like I made a true friend last night, a "kindred spirit". How many of you have read Anne of Green Gables? I just love those books. I know, totally off topic! :-)

Chiropractic Dinner

This is Dr. Z. I know he is quite famous in the chiropractic profession and he teaches at Palmer College.He is a part time professor and a traveler with much experience in life. I don't know much about his professional career, but what I do know from one meeting with him is that he is charming, warm, kind, a devoted husband, father and grand father, he thinks the world of his wife and that is such a marvelous quality. When you look in his eyes, you want to know everything he has to teach and share and he is magnetic, you don't want to stop talking to him or listening to him. This is grace, charm, character, wisdom, kindness and so much more. I feel honored to have met him even for a brief time.

Actual Explosion

Actual cannon explosion from Morgan's field trip this morning, sorry for the jerking hand, even though I was prepared, the sound still made me jump! LOL!

Morgan's 5th Grade Field Trip

See a demonstration and explanation of how cannon's were loaded during the Civil War.
It was sooooo cold today, but we still had fun!