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Arbonne Essentials Immunity Support

Arbonne’s Immunity Support. I had to do a mini blog on this because Facebook and Twitter don’t give me enough space to rave about this product :) My husband is a chiropractor with a huge knowledge and interest in nutrition, he can help so many people not just with spinal issues, but any health conditions. We have so many vitamins and supplements at our disposal, but when Arbonne discontinued the former Get Well Soon, I found NOTHING worked as well. I was madly writing to Arbonne. I have five kids, I run 3 businesses, I am a neat freak and won’t let my house or yard go, I need to be there for my kids, I CAN’T get sick!!! I was begging for them to return the Get Well Soon as I know many others were doing the same thing. I am so happy to announce that the exact same formula is back with a new name and new packaging. This product retails for $24 and is well worth every penny! When I am getting sick, I take this frequently and I don’t succumb. I can have a child come home with a fever and …

These Precious Moments

October 29th, 2011....9 years ago today, my youngest child was born. He is named after his daddy, Victor, and his Grandpa, my dad, Mark...Victor Mark Sanchez. I jokingly say that I had to work for this son, for the longed for fall baby of mine. Once you have four children, you just think your fifth will be easy, but I had some complications and couldn't conceive him. So, on the day after Christmas in 2001, I had some minor surgery and was able to conceive this baby boy. He has been nothing but a joy, a bright light and a joyous spirit just radiates from this boy.

Today, his 9th birthday, I wanted to have a big party for him. I have watched how the kids change and don't want big birthday parties after a while, so I want to take advantage of this time when he still wants a party. A lot of money and planning have gone into this day. We had 17 kids here in addition to my family and some friends of my daughters too. It was a wonderful and very long day for me. I am tired. Still, I…