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It's a Wonderful Life

Tonight I had a very interesting encounter with a friend that I met about 5 years ago. She had come over for a class that my husband was conducting. She wanted to thank me for "everything". She was telling me that I had touched her life in so many ways and that I touch the lives of many in such a positive way everyday.She said she has learned so much from me and our relationship has encompassed more than just our Arbonne business.  My response was that I don't do anything special. Then, she said, "Yes, you do, you are just like the movie It's a Wonderful Life, you have no idea how many people you impact."

This conversation is very special to me because sometimes I have a hard time seeing my own successes or that I do anything particularly well. I tell my husband, Victor, regularly that he is so lucky that his gifts are so obvious. He has helped and healed hundreds or thousands of people. When I first married him, patients just wanted to rave and tell me so …