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Success breeds confidence

Success breeds confidence
     Last night was a pretty incredible night for me. Well, actually the past 3 days have been pretty incredible. The more I think about it the more I am in awe of it all and the above quote is why I am in awe. 
     I had a goal I had set for the month of May. I do have it written down and in front of me and I though of it every morning and every night. I did all the things that I teach others to do to accomplish a goal, making my list for the next day, motivational reading, being consistent etc etc etc. But, what I didn't expect was just how hard of a month I was going to have personally and emotionally in May. I had traveled the last week of April and the first week of May. When I came home from meeting my awesome friend and new consultant, Heather Travitz, in Pennsylvania, I was hit by some pretty big things happening in my personal life. My oldest son was graduating on May 25th and I had not even received his announcements. I needed to track them do…