Success breeds confidence

Success breeds confidence

     Last night was a pretty incredible night for me. Well, actually the past 3 days have been pretty incredible. The more I think about it the more I am in awe of it all and the above quote is why I am in awe. 

     I had a goal I had set for the month of May. I do have it written down and in front of me and I though of it every morning and every night. I did all the things that I teach others to do to accomplish a goal, making my list for the next day, motivational reading, being consistent etc etc etc. But, what I didn't expect was just how hard of a month I was going to have personally and emotionally in May. I had traveled the last week of April and the first week of May. When I came home from meeting my awesome friend and new consultant, Heather Travitz, in Pennsylvania, I was hit by some pretty big things happening in my personal life. My oldest son was graduating on May 25th and I had not even received his announcements. I needed to track them down and get them out immediately. He had also made the decision to move to California with his biological father to live there permanently the day after he graduated. I didn't even get the summer to get used to the idea of college or him leaving home. I immediately had to jump into planning a graduation party and company arriving and house and yard projects. And, I was mourning. I told everyone that spending time with my kids was my highest priority. My two oldest daughters would also be going with their dad for 6 weeks, so I wanted to soak those kids up. It was rather overwhelming all the ways I was divided. Along the way, though, I kept doing my daily activities with my business. I would put aside my emotional upset to make my calls and meet with people, I find that people don't even mind my being vulnerable, it is respected and embraced. I received lots of love and emotional support. They didn't even mind that I would burst out in random tears here and there :) 

      Friday, the 25th of May rolls around and it's graduation day. It was such an intense day for us all! What an emotional mess I was for the month of May....seriously! Saturday was the 26th and I was about as low feeling as I could imagine. The kids had all taken off at 6 am. I have the youngest home, but I was so exhausted. I had slept about 2 hours each of the previous 2 nights. I think I was awake on Saturday, but operating at maybe 20% of my normal capacity. Sunday, I started to pull out of it. I made myself a home office and had fun with that. By Monday, I was really feeling motivated and inspired towards my business. I actually signed up two new consultants who are starting their Arbonne business. So, the last day of the month rolls around and I need a lot more volume to make my goal. I sat here debating whether or not to be "all in" and just go for it. I decided that I would not be happy with myself if I didn't just go for it. 

     Here is where past success comes in. I had done this before. I had done this two years ago on the last day of the month and a qualification period to earn a 7 day Caribbean cruise. I wanted to earn it for my husband and to take my sons, too. I was in the mountains on vacation on the last day of the month. I started calling and texting people like crazy. No email, we didn't have internet at the house we were staying in. By 6 PM that night, I had the volume I needed, a huge amount to do in one day, just like yesterday. I went to a local coffee shop with wireless internet and got the orders placed. So, all day yesterday, I kept thinking, what did I do that day in McCall? How did I feel? I had belief, I was convinced I would do it. My team rallied together and we were all on the phone until late at night. People call and text, "Did you make it?" People care, they really do and they are incredibly kind and supportive. Because I had a past success, I had the confidence to move forward and to KNOW that I could do it again.

     That is one thing I love about the system we are using to build this massive momentum, the focus is skills based coaching, getting people good at the skills they need to build a successful business. I feel confident, I have experiences of success that give me confidence and I turn around and teach these skills and help others build their confidence. It's really quite brilliant. 

     Another thing that I was thinking about was that, "Success comes when we are too busy to be looking for it". So many other times when my business is thriving, it is when I am fully engaged and living my life with passion, purpose and conviction. The business aspect seems to fall naturally in place and we attract the right type of people into our business. So much of our success comes from the energy we put off and who we are attracting into our life. I have dynamic, vibrant, professional people contacting me daily to learn more about my business. 

     I feel incredibly loved today. I had so many friends jump in last night with orders, people calling and texting me to make sure I hit my goal. My amazing team rallying together. My fabulous coach, Steve Gutzler, texting me every hour, "keep going", "you can do it", "I am so proud of you". 

     I want you to know that you can live a fabulous, abundant, incredibly busy and fulfilling life while still building a thriving home based business. One of the main reasons I thought I couldn't do Arbonne was that I was "too busy". Little did I know how  much Arbonne would enrich my life and my time with my children, my friendships and relationships and most of all, the confidence I would gain and the person I would become along this journey. 

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