Cancun Trip with Arbonne, 2009

Cancun Trip, October, 2009
With Arbonne International
Earned this awesome trip!

Pyramids at Chichen Itza
Gorgeous day with awesome friends!

I have never felt humidity like this, though!!! It was crazy!
To walk outside and be as wet as if I just got out of the shower!
Why blow dry my hair? I did give up by the last day!
The last day of the trip, I totally enjoyed the hammock
and being utterly indulgent. Why does it take 4 days before you really start
to relax??? That is just NOT right! :-)

I am so grateful to work with such an awesome company as Arbonne! I love the concept of having healthy products, an environmentally friendly company and the most amazing women you can imagine. One thing that has hit me really hard this past 2 months of personal growth and coaching etc is that the greatest blessings my Arbonne business has brought me are 1. the friendships with incredible women and 2. Learning my own value and self worth. Why have I always doubted me? I am learning that I have a lot of great qualities, but I truly did not realize many of them until Arbonne. The woman you become on this journey....


Next year is Arbonne's 30th anniversary. Our president, Rita Davenport says it will be the most amazing trip ever that we can earn. Would you like to come with me? Would you like to earn this next trip? I can teach you how :-) I would love you to learn what I am learning....about yourself.


  1. You are such a lucky ducky! Well, except for that humidity thing! My hair and humidity just don't get along!
    Good luck on your "possible" next trip!

  2. Hello Belinda :-) I actually earned the next trip already, I finished earning it in mid-March :-) Now I am working on getting Victor there and maybe one of the kids. It is for a Caribbean cruise, 7 days :-) Woohooo!!!!


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