These Precious Moments

October 29th, 2011....9 years ago today, my youngest child was born. He is named after his daddy, Victor, and his Grandpa, my dad, Mark...Victor Mark Sanchez. I jokingly say that I had to work for this son, for the longed for fall baby of mine. Once you have four children, you just think your fifth will be easy, but I had some complications and couldn't conceive him. So, on the day after Christmas in 2001, I had some minor surgery and was able to conceive this baby boy. He has been nothing but a joy, a bright light and a joyous spirit just radiates from this boy.

Today, his 9th birthday, I wanted to have a big party for him. I have watched how the kids change and don't want big birthday parties after a while, so I want to take advantage of this time when he still wants a party. A lot of money and planning have gone into this day. We had 17 kids here in addition to my family and some friends of my daughters too. It was a wonderful and very long day for me. I am tired. Still, I decided we should clean after the party, not just the house, but since it is such a gorgeous fall day, to rake the leaves and clean the yard too.

And, this is where the precious moments really come in. It is warm in the sun as I am kneeling and pulling weeds after we had raked all the leaves. Little Victor comes over to sit by me. He wants someone to bounce in the bounce house with him. I ask him if he wants me to and he says not if I don't want to ;) He says this is the best day that he has had in years and he is worried about the money we spent on the party. I tell him not to worry, these are precious days and moments, we don't want them to pass by without celebrating them. He asks how it is going with patients and my Arbonne business. I tell him he can always pray for growth for our businesses and he says he does. He reminds me that when we were driving to California I had said I would take the family to Disney World when I make Regional Vice President. I said, "I did?? Works for me." He starts to laugh. We keep chatting in the sun, enjoying the last of the season's warm days, at least it usually is, the transition between his birthday and Halloween is always cold. This is, hands down, the BEST part of my day, having a sweet conversation with my thoughtful and considerate birthday boy.


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