April 24th, 2009

I just had to take a photo of the weeping cherry bush since it blooms for such a short period of time. I am so happy that we moved here to Idaho. It has been such a great move for our children. The people are friendly and warm, the crime is low, the schools score very well. So many wonderful things about living in Idaho :-)

The weekend is here and I am excited! I Have one Arbonne party on Saturday and will be gathering some orders in the morning.

I am really excited because Victor was able to get us Taylor Swift concert tickets at the very last moment when the radio station opened up a few seats. He got on line and we couldn't get even get 4 tickets, but scraped by and got us 2 tickets :-) Woohooo ;-)

The kids are all doing well. Morgan had her 11th birthday yesterday and is having a little party tomorrow, there will even be a couple of BOYS!!! ;-) too cute, she is the first girl to even ask to invite a boy to her party. The other kids will go to my mom's house for the night.

This next week is a chiropractic convention and Victor is photographing, so he got me invited to all the events, including dinner at a nice Basque restaurant on Thursday and a train ride dinner on Friday...I love those! Of course, he jokes and says it will cost him money in the clothes that I will want to go out and buy!! ;-) No, I really don't like to shop much. I am sad, though, I am missing two pieces of clothing that I had just bought for NTC, a nice pair of slacks and this black sweater that I really liked...hmmmm...

I hope you have had a fabulous week and that your weekend is even better!!


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