Arbonne, NTC, 2009

Jan and I just got home from NTC, National Training Conference, in Las Vegas, NV. We had such a great time! This was my third NTC and I definitely consider it the best one yet!

Arbonne has always been pure, safe and beneficial, but it is getting even more so everyday. We have some phenomenal new members of the team! The focus is on improving our holistic and botanical elements and helping the consultants with marketing.

I am thrilled to be a part of this group of awesome people! There were so many women who have just changed the lives of their families in this past year by jumping into Arbonne. People that didn't have money for food a year ago and now they are thriving, thanks to Arbonne. I love that average women can create such a nice life for their families and with their family's help :-) I heard over and over how Arbonne was a family business for people. I also saw more MEN walking across the stage and winning wonderful awards and accomplishments, it was very inspiring.

We did also receive new products and great training from Image Consulatant, Krista Embry. We have a new product line called Revelage This amazing product line illuminates the skin (2/3 of people who tried it reported their skin being more luminous within 10 minutes!!) and removes age spots and other discolorations, evens out skin tones. The neat thing is that it is not bleaching at all and any nationality can use it. The products go in to the skin where the dermin and epidermus meet and works with the melanin to get rid of the age spots. It is truly incredible!

Our acne line, Clear Advantage has been improved to get rid of acne in 2-3 days and a new spot treatment product has been added. It is the ONLY holistic acne treatment line on the market today!

The training we received from Krista Embry was awesome! I learned so many new things. I have been doing make up classes for quite some time now, but I got lots of new ideas and it was awesome to watch Krista do one side of a woman's face and show how much thinner it looked and also the eye looked like it had an eye lift on the side she worked on. Now, this gal started out gorgeous, but it was amazing what Krista did with highlighting and contouring! I am not going to tell you anymore because I want you to book a Hollywood Make Over class in your own home :-) I can't wait to get going on more of these. I will start with the Audrey theme :-)

Make sure to check out my website or give me a call at (208) 949-1740 if you have questions or would like to learn more about Arbonne's products or incredible business opportunity!

There is so much more, but I am sleepy, so I am going to another post about my family and then head off to bed :-)


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