Being Sentimental ;-)

Wow, in January, my internal alarm clock went off, the need to have some time to myself and to just relax a bit. I love being a wife and mother, but every once in a while, I must admit, I want to get away. Hope you don't think any worse of me for it. I was driving home in January and thinking, I can't wait until NTC (my annual conference with Arbonne) in April. YES! Las Vegas! friends, time to be me, positive, inspirational, motivational.

Now, I leave tomorrow! How did that time go so quickly? So, here's the deal, whenever I am going to leave home, I get soooo sentimental. I get all emotional with my family and friends and you that know me well, know this, I will be scurrying around getting everything packed, and as done and as orderly as possible before I leave and I will be calling my friends, or writing on their Facebook walls, because I love you all and will miss you, and I secretly worry, what if something bad happens, I want everyone to know how much I love them and how glad I am to have had them in my life ;-)

This is funny, because I also know those of you that get mad at me every time I go through this before I know the ones who will say "snap out of it, nothing bad will happen!!!" ;-)

Thank you for caring enough to read my posts, thank you for the gift of your time, for being you and for being such a gift in my life! (yep, getting all weepy here already, and it is EARLY still!)

I hope you have a great week! If any of you are local and want to help Victor, I know he will struggle with getting Little Victor to Kindergarten in the morning and could use help ;-)

I started packing last night, I have 3 Arbonne appts today, noon, 1 and 3, will try to get my hair trimmed, but not too worried if I don't get to that ;-) I will take my laptop and try to post some blogs while I am gone!

Love to you all!!


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