Hives Testimonial Arbonne

Just wanted to share a personal story. My two year old broke out in a horrible rash on Saturday. As the night went on the rash got worse and spread from his torso to his arms, butt and face. We rushed him to the urgent care when his eyes and lips started swelling. He looked horrible and needless to say I was a little freaked out! The doctor said it was a classic case of hives and was brought on by an allergic reation to "something". His solution was to keep him drugged on Benadryl and wait for this to go away on its own. I was told this could take up to two weeks!!! I could not imagine seeing my baby in this condition for a day let alone two weeks!

After talking with my upline she suggested I try the Detox mud mask and soak. I did and I'm thrilled to say after 20 minutes in the soak the hives are gone and my baby is toxin free!

I am continually amazed by ARBONNE!! How many other products on the market are safe enough to be used on a baby and can deliver these kind of results? I am proud to represent such an amazing company!

What a powerful story to share with other moms! Also, I plan to contact my doctor tomorrow to share my story with him. Please feel free to pass this along for others to use.

(this is not my personal story, but one that was emailed to me! I have had great success with the mud mask with bug bites and mosquito bites :-))


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