Home at last :-)

I am home again in Idaho. Back in the loving arms of my family! What a nice home coming too! Victor picked me up at the airport and had flowers for me. When I got in the Yukon, he had an iced mocha for me and it was wonderful! Victor let me talk and talk all the way home...hehehe....Then, when we got home, the house was CLEAN :-) The kids had all missed me so much and Emily had made me all kinds of cute things. I especially liked all the certificates for massages and facials and pampering ;-) very sweet.

We had a nice bar b que tonight and Victor did most of the work. The girls did a really cute show for us on the trampoline. I love seeing them cooperate! That part is just awesome! They are so adorable when they are getting along. I am very sleepy, but happy to be home. I don't want to think about how much I need to do tomorrow, so I will enjoy relaxing tonight!

I hope you are well and happy and loving life wherever you may be!


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