These are a few of my favorite things...

That song has been rolling around in my head for days now, so I am going to randomly, in no particular order, write out my favorite things and I can add and fix later :-)

Light, natural light, soft lights around the house, wind chimes, coffee, warm hugs, laughter, scrapbooking, travel, trees, fountains, my bed, soft flannel sheets, fireplaces, all tea things (yes, still, don't laugh Shele ;-)) sweeter wines, walking, going to the movies, bedtime, flowers, preferably wild flowers and English flowers, white fluffy clouds, soft breezes, holding my kid's hands, kissing in the snow, books!!, my new Bunco group, Arbonne (but of course!), candles, photos, grandma's house, sunshine, glorious sunshine!!!, decorating, clean counters, being organized, gardening, girl time, baths, meeting new people, life long friends, mornings, quiet times, mountains, the sound of birds, sunsets, and a whole bunch more that I will add as I have time :-)

Off to finish the Easter lunch and prepare for company! Have a great day!


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