Traveling to California tomorrow

Wow, time flies, that has been my theme for months, maybe years now ;-) Tomorrow, we will leave for California. So, today is the absolute and utter chaos of the last day of school, all kinds of programs and assemblies and the graduation of Morgan from the fifth grade. Tomorrow, we will leave at 4 am and drive a very long drive to California. I am not looking forward to the drive since I have never made such a long drive without another adult driver. I am looking forward to having time with the kids and seeing many of you! My family and friends :-) Can you believe by tomorrow night I will be in Southern California? The first night we will be staying at Dennis and Dee's house. Here's the schedule:
Thursday, June 4th, leave 4 or 5 am drive all day. Spend night at Dennis'
Friday, June 5th, visit Jim and Linda Roche in Rancho Cucamonga drive to Grandma's house to spend the night on Friday night :-)
Saturday, June 6th: all day at Grandma's house, big family gathering
Sunday, June 7th: Meet Andy, Sally and Ruby at Ozzie's for breakfast at 11 am. Meet with the Beltrans and anyone else who wants to see us in Montebello :-)
Sunday evening, go see family in El Segundo and staying at La Hacienda hotel
Monday: Down to Vista to see Shele and her family, go to the beach in Carlsbad :-) Driving to grandma's house and spending the night there.
Tuesday: open day?????
Wednesday: seeing Belinda, Ana, and anyone else who wants to see us ;-) Spending the night at Dennis an Dee's house
Thursday, June 11th, leave Dennis' and drive home or halfway. Will be just me, Victor and Emily, so we might stop half way at a hotel.

That's it, our agenda ;-)

I started this post early this morning, I have now survived the school portion of the day and I have posted photos to Facebook :-) I am getting ready for a birthday party tonight and packing. I hope you have a great week!


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