Grandpa Charles' visit

This week we are having a busy and very "summery" week, filled with activities with the family. My dad's dad, my grandpa Charles is visiting from Durango, Colorado. Also, my best friend's daughter, Shannon, is visiting from Missouri. This is the week that we are going to the lake lots, going to the water park and we will get away to McCall this weekend, a very dear friend is letting us use their house their. We are excited about the getaway :-) It truly feels like summer now! Of course, there is no internet in McCall and very little cell phone service and so I am telling the kids to take books and games etc. It will be nice to focus on the family this weekend.


  1. So how did that end up going? Specifically, the "no internet" thing.
    I would love to get away from civilization for a week!

  2. It wasn't very long without internet, but so peaceful and relaxing, I would like to go for a whole week :-) I loved it. Somedays, we just have to walk away from the computer! lol..easier said than done!


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