Back to School, 2009

Back to School, 2009

Monday, August 31st, the kids go back to school. It is the first day that all of my children will be in school all day! There are now only Sanchez's in the elementary school, the Cagliero kids are all in middle and high school now. Wow, that revelation hit me hard!

It is now, Tuesday, our second morning back to school. I have dealt with piles of back to school papers and forms, we are getting lunches made the night before and considering that there are 5 kids to get ready every morning, it is going remarkable well, very smooth and easy. Of course, they are good kids and most things tend to go easily and smoothly with them.

So, what did I do yesterday? Well, I finished my "to-do" list for the first time in months :-) I got an incredible amount done, never turned on the TV and didn't even listen to music...much...I enjoyed the silence.

I am very busy with my Arbonne business and that has been my main focus, especially since I had a booth at the job fair last week and I am following up with so many people from that.

I feel fall in the air this morning and I heard their is a cooling trend coming on Friday. I feel like cuddling up with a blanket already ;-) I am hosting Bunco this month and thinking about a fall theme. I have my own tradition of marking off the first day of fall as a day that I only focus on the home and getting fall decorations set up! Life is good....

I hope you are enjoying "back to school" time :-) I am looking forward to a bit more freedom of schedule now to get together with my girlfriends and catch up on life and the chaotic summer that we all just enjoyed.


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