Skin Care Tips #1

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the great information I share at my classes with people. Everyone always says they will never remember it all :-) So, I have decided to share a couple of tips regularly with you :-)

#1 Wash your face before bed...every night! I don't care how tired you are! Why? During the night, our pores open up and all the debris that is left on your face from the daytime will get deeply embedded into your pores, causing premature aging and possibly acne. Your skin does it's best recovery work at night, so using an excellent night creme will really improve your skin.

#2 What you put on your skin is absorbed into all your major organs, like your liver and kidneys, within 2 minutes. Ingredients are so important!

Arbonne products are formulated to be pure, safe and beneficial for the last 29 years and they yield very quick results! They are formulated in Switzerland and tested in independent labs around the world.

I feel passionate about sharing products with you that work great and actually benefit your health! Everybody uses these products....choose to make a healthier choice today :-)

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Look for more skin care tips and healthy living tips coming soon :-)


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