The Holiday Season

October, 2009
Home in Fall

I actually can't believe how quickly this year is flying past me! It is hard to believe that we are in November already! I haven't begun to Christmas shop and I used to be one of those people that was done in October!!! Wow, how times change! The older the kids get, the busier I get. We have recently been inundated with homework and Cassidy is now being homeschooled. That is going very well so far. I am trying to scrapbook again, but it is hard to get undivided time for it. I was sad to see that when I did a layout the other day, I could not find any other layouts from 2007, 2008 or 2009......I guess I will just catch up on the biggest events now :-)

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we will be going up into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. We take lots of food and drinks, music, snow gear and stuff to play with. We have done this past couple of years with the Camp family and it just gets better and better every year. The kids end up having a great time! If you live locally and would like to join us, please just contact me.

So, now is the time for Christmas gatherings to begin, to listen to my favorite CD's, sit back and enjoy the time at home and with family, of course, I am loving the fireplace and the coziness of it all, the evenings with the kids and making lots of great food :-)

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to post a brief update since I have been rather bad about blogging lately :-) Of course, I am still actively building my Arbonne business and just love it! Please let me know if you want to see the current holiday line or have a catalog mailed to you. I wish you many blessings during this holiday season and that you can enjoy all the little moments.


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