My Story

My Story

I have recently been thinking about my life journey, where I am right now and where I am going.

I am going to be 40 in just over a week! Wow! I don't think you ever feel older on the inside :-) I am married to Victor for almost 11 years and I have 5 children, 2 of them with Victor and 3 from my first marriage. We moved to Idaho almost 5 years ago to raise our children in a safer environment. I have loved every moment of living here. The people are warm and friendly, it is extremely safe, nice weather, good schools. There is a saying about coming home to where I always belonged and that is how I feel about Idaho.

Victor is a chiropractor of 30 years!!! Wow! He is absolutely amazing and the best you will ever find! If you really want to know what is going on with you, what the root cause is of any health problems you may have, make sure to come in as a patient. His website is Over the years, we have always been looking for products that are not harmful or toxic and can benefit your health. For 27 years he told women not to wear make up, he learned in chiropractic college how dangerous and toxic it was and that it was leading to an increase in auto-immune diseases among women. Well, about 3 and a half years ago, I was introduced to Arbonne. Idaho is a dry climate and I was struggling with dry skin and also adult acne. When I tried the skin care, I loved how my skin looked and felt. In about 2 months, my family was telling everyone about how good my skin was looking and when I go back and visit Southern California, people comment that I no longer have my adult acne. Pretty exciting stuff. Arbonne formulates products that are very effective and yet beneficial to the whole body.

Arbonne has been a perfect fit for me and my life. I LOVE what I do. I get to have fun sharing products through Swiss Beauty Workshops, or one on one with people over coffee or wine, lunch or dinner. I have a very fun "job" :-) I am home my children the vast majority of the time and I have the gift of time freedom! I get to put my family's activities first and schedule Arbonne when it suits me.

My favorite thing about Arbonne from day one has been the personal growth, the confidence you gain from being challenged by your fears and choosing to overcome them daily, and the women!!! Oh, the wonderful friends I have made along the way! Nowadays, so many people are negative and down, but I am surrounded with people who are lit up and positive from the inside out. I have such a support network of amazing and positive women who care about my whole life, who share this journey with me :-) I feel very blessed.

If you are looking for an extra or alternate income stream, to have more fun, be more positive, make a bunch of awesome new friends, stay home more or get away occasionally ;-), I have a wonderful business to share with you. I am looking for more people to join my team and share this vision with me and I would love to coach you to success if this sounds like something that might appeal to you. It sure has been a blessing in my life.

Please check out my website or email or call me, the information is all on my website.


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