Planning my 40th Birthday

Countdown to June 26th, 2010 and the big 4 0

I know this many seem strange, but I am struggling with turning 40...I know, I know, perhaps it is not so strange. My whole life I have heard "older" people, who now don't seem so much older to my almost 40 year old mind, say that they never felt any older on the inside, that on the inside, you always feel 19. I am now truly starting to understand that. I don't feel 40 inside. This past few years I am definitely changing. I am getting stronger and more sure of myself. I have my own mind and am learning to speak it, I have value and intelligence and I can voice it now. I am definitely getting stronger. And, yet, I have far to go, I still feel like a little girl on the inside, longing for the approval of my parents, which will never come, longing for unconditional love and to feel cherished. I guess those feelings never fully go away.

So, Victor and Amber are planning a party for me, but they have let me contribute greatly to the planning of it. We looked at a few locations, but then decided to do it here at home. After all, I am most comfortable here, can have the most freedom, no limits on what you can or can't bring, no time lines, no hidden fees ;-) I wanted to be able to have families and not have the number limited due to cost issues. When I have a birthday party here, it always turns out great and everyone has a great time hanging out together! I am hoping to have some awesome 80's music and have a relaxing evening visiting with friends.

I was excited that Amber asked what styles I like and for some reason, I have absolutely fallen in love with that cake pictured here. My friend Michelle is going to make it for me. Check out her gorgeous cakes! She assures me that she can make this cake.

I also want it to be very much a garden party, kind of Victorian in theme which has always been my favorite. So, I am having fun looking at decor to go with this theme.

Through it all, I am so grateful for my guest list which reminds me of the most important things in life, which aren't things at all, but people, relationships, friendships and in that regard, I am extremely well blessed.

So, if you are in Boise, Idaho, on June 26th, stop on by to my birthday party! Friends are always welcome :-)


  1. Sounds so exciting!!! I am sure you and all your family and friends will have a blast! Planing a party is always fun, can be stressful sometimes but FUN! :-)



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