Why Become a Lion

Why I joined the Lions Club

I am newer member of the Lion's Club, but my husband has been a Lion for 30 years. This last 10 years, I have so enjoyed being a part of the community, I have learned how to give vision and hearing tests, packed baskets of food and gifts for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas, worked at the special Olympics to get glasses for all the participants that needed them. I have loved every minute of it!

Now, I am getting ready to start a Leo Lion's Club at the local high school, Rocky Mountain High, and I am really looking forward to getting this next generation involved in giving back to the community. I think it is a great way to "train up our children". If you live locally and would like to be a part of a wonderful service organization, please let me know. We are a small club and definitely looking for new members.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Lion

When asked, most Lions will
say they joined a Lions club to
serve their communities. But
there are many other reasons
to be a Lion. Here are the
Top Ten:
1. Help your Community-First
and foremost, Lions love to
serve. If you enjoy reaching
out and helping others, Lions is
for you.
2. Learn Valuable Skills and
Develop Talents-With every
new project there is an opportunity
to learn a new skill or
discover a talent you didn’t
know you had.
3. Make an Impact on People’s
Lives-The feeling you get
from making a difference is
like no other.
4. Learn to be a Leader-Lion
Clubs provides training and
opportunity to develop leadership
skills. You can be a
club officer, chair a committee,
or work with youth.
5. Network with Business People-
Who better to do business
with than Lions who share your
ideals and passions.
6. Energize your Life-Staying
busy and active is key for
body,mind and soul at any age.
7. It’s Good for You-
Volunteering reduces stress
and makes you healthier.
8. Have Fun-Who doesn’t
need more fun in their lives?
9. Meet New People-You’ll
meet people from all walks of
life and work with them side
by side.
10. Make New Friends-Lions
in your community and around
the world become your
friends, your family.


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