Arbonne's Primer

Arbonne's Primer

Arbonne's Primer is one of my personal best selling products that we carry. According to Arbonne, it is the company's 5th best selling product. When people try this on their skin, it is a given that they will purchase it, it feels like silk without being heavy or clogging pores.

The purpose of the primer is to give you a canvas to apply your makeup to. It keeps the colors true and makes your makeup stay on better. When you use the primer, you use less foundation and it just goes on flawlessly. The primer gives you a matte finish, cushions wrinkles and reduces pore size. During the summertime, when many women don't want to wear foundation, they will use the primer to give a nice finished look to their skin.

Recently, Total Beauty voted Arbonne's Primer as the #1 Primer. Here is a bit of what Total Beauty had to say, " average member rating: 9.9*
Why: A reader confides, "I am 55-years-old and have been wearing makeup since my early teens and [this] primer is hands down the best I have ever found! Believe me I have tried almost all of them." Another says, "Not sure how I ever lived without this in my makeup bag. My foundation goes on smoother, I wear less, and it looks better. It's candy for your face." And another says, "This product really does fill in those nooks and crannies on the face even with lots of freckles and sun damage," and one devoted consumer says, "I've been using Arbonne for over two years now and have yet to find a better makeup primer. Its silky texture makes putting on my makeup a joy. LOVE IT."

If you would like a sample of the primer, please contact me and I will send you a sample in the mail. You can also check out my Arbonne site at


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