Atlantis/Bahamas Arbonne trip

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
(Courtesy of Arbonne)

There are so many things that I enjoy about building my business with Arbonne. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have had this business shared with me. First and foremost, I have met the most incredible friends through my business, I hardly knew anybody when I moved to Idaho and having Arbonne to share gave me more of a reason to connect and follow up with people who have become my best and dearest friends. When I had my 40th Birthday party, every person who attended was someone that I had met through my Arbonne business and in that moment, I felt so incredibly blessed!

Who I have become on this journey is just incredible also. I am learning strength, perseverance, faith, patience and so much more. I used to be the type of person who would walk into a room and just go to a corner, hide away, not want to interact. Now, I love to meet new people, I love to learn their stories, get to know them and make new friends :) I also used to let people walk all over me. Granted, I am still very nice, but when I know that I have a valid point or opinion, I stand up for myself much more now. I love feeling stronger and more capable and that my skills are growing so much.

But, this blog is about TRAVEL :) Until I built a business with Arbonne, I did not have a passport. A passport was one of my big first goals with Arbonne. I have always wanted to travel so much! Now, I have been to Cancun with Arbonne, a seven day Caribbean cruise that I also earned for my husband and my two sons, and this year, we have earned Atlantis!!! I can't wait to see and experience the Bahamas! This is also the first year that two of my district managers will be attending with me along with my sponsor in Arbonne and my National Vice President! It will be so much fun to have friends and family there to play with at the beach and the water park and to just get to have some time to relax together!!!

I am grateful for the generosity of these trips, for the time to fellowship with like minded people and the new friendships that will form in the process. I just can't wait!!!


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