Quick Parenting Tip


Earlier today, we went out to breakfast and we witnessed some very sad parenting, children misbehaving and being yelled at and cursed at rather than parented. It sure made me sad.

When my children were little and they would cry or fuss at a restaurant, one of us would always walk the child out and talk to them until they calmed down. We would make sure they were ready to go back in and we would discuss proper behavior. When they were tiny babies, we would say no and just hold them outside until they calmed down. We were CONSISTENT. I often have people ask about my kids and how well they behave in public and when I say consistency, people grimace. I am sorry, but, yes, it does take time, consistent effort and not letting them slide. We didn't do anything major, but we did pay attention to them and address bad behavior by removing them from a situation until they could handle it. That's it. It worked for us and our five children. I rarely see parents walk their children outside when they misbehave, so I just thought I would mention how helpful this was for us :)

Happy parenting!


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