Thoughts on Summer

I think I figured out yesterday why I enjoy summer vacation so much. I was wondering about this because I still work at the chiropractic office and I still do my Arbonne business and have a certain amount of calls and appointments that I do daily. Yet, I have had so much peace and calm and felt so relaxed lately.

I do know that I love sleeping with the windows open, feeling the soft breeze in the mornings. I can hear the birds singing and an owl right now! I love the sunshine, of course! But, the number one difference is the kids being out of school. I didn't realize just how much school work puts stress on parents. We are constantly checking on homework, going through backpacks, writing down events, appointments, classes, schedules, checking on grades, following up with any challenges that the kids have. I do have five kids and we go from elementary to high school. So, the main difference for me, is the lack of school work, kid's schedule and kid's events.

I can definitely handle all of my daily work, keeping up the house and enjoying my friendships, kids and life in general. I will enjoy this reprieve from schoolwork and just cherish every day where I have a little less stress to deal with.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, enjoy all of the people in your life and all of the little things that bring the biggest joys.


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