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My Arbonne Business

I am frequently asked what I do with my Arbonne business, especially from people who live in other countries and aren't familiar with Arbonne. So, I am going to give a brief overview of what I do :)

Basically, Arbonne is a 30 year old company that has Swiss formulated products that are made in the U.S. It is a direct selling and network marketing company which means that I get paid for recommending or referring people to the products. We have health and wellness products, anti-aging skin care, weight loss, baby care, men's products and many more products, over 450 consumable products.

What makes Arbonne special is that the products are pure, safe and beneficial. There has been a lot of publicity in recent years about dangerous ingredients in our personal care products. Our products work well, high functioning, but they are also safe since what we put on our bodies gets absorbed into our bodies.

We are also just getting ready to launch into more countries. Our global launch aspect makes this is a perfect time to start a business with Arbonne.

What I do on a daily basis, well, I get to meet great people. If you ask my kids, I get to party and go to coffee :) My business is mostly social and having fun with people while sharing how they can use healthier products that work great. All of my recent best and closest friends here in Idaho and around the country, have been people that I have met through my Arbonne business. When I moved to Idaho, I didn't know very many people and this gave me a way to connect with others, get names and numbers and create lasting friendships. I love to get to know people whether or not they end up using my products or doing my business. Arbonne has been a huge blessing to me. I try to do two in home presentations a week, you can call them parties or workshops or whatever you like. I also meet with two people per week about the business to see if it is a good fit for them. I like to give great customer service and care. That is pretty much it. You must be consistent, look to benefit others, and never ever quit :)

I earn more than most people working average jobs, but I have much more control over my time and my schedule. I have 5 kids that I love to spend time with.

If you would like more information, please check out my website and then contact me. I can mail out samples of our products and/or business information.

We are currently in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK :) I am looking to expand in all of these countries and we will be opening in many more countries soon. I would love to answer questions you might have :)


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