Simply Fit Week 6

Simply Fit week 6: Last night we had our 6 week meeting for the Simply Fit hub in Boise. It is kind of nice that at the chiropractic office, we have a machine that measures the toxins in our bodies, our healthy cells, fat content, internal health etc. What I love is that the evidence is so tangible. At this 6 week mark, most everybody has a marked improvement in their internal health age, much less toxic, more healthier cells and a higher ratio of muscle mass. One man has lost 6% body fat in just 6 weeks! As a group, the average weight loss is 10 pounds! It was quite exciting.

I was worried about one woman who has never missed a meeting, but her numbers had not improved. I expressed my concern to her and she just smiled and said that she had decided to try NOT using Arbonne's products and just eating the foods on the allowed list. This was great information to learn because it so tangibly showed how Arbonne's products enhance the weight loss, the shedding of toxins and the increase in muscle mass. She said she has really been watching the improvements in the group and is excited to now add the Arbonne products into her dietary plan.

I will keep you posted on how the group continues to improve! If you want more information about the plan, please email me at or check my website:


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