What to eat and not eat

Paleoithic Food Pyramid

The most common questions we get on the first 30 days of the Simply Fit program have to do with what to eat. The first 30 days is the most stringent and it is to help us shed and eliminate toxins. Toxins are stored in our body fat, so once we shed the toxins, it is easier to shed the fat, especially around the middle of our body. All high allergen foods are removed and will slowly be added back in. It is important to figure out any food sensitivities that we might have so that we can eliminate them and function at a more optimal level of health. This is what we are doing for the first 30 days and people are having great results. I know, most people panic about all the things they can't have, but it is only for 30 days. Also, the benefits are so worth while. You will have a great amount of increased energy and mental clarity. I personally have no desire for coffee anymore and that was huge for me, I was drinking so much and now I don't need it at all. You will notice when going through a detox that there will be foods you will never go back to. We never buy white rice now, the whole family PREFERS brown rice.

“Simply Fit”
Eat This – Not That
This is a Do’s & Don’ts for your first 30 days on the “Simply Fit” Program
What to take out of your Diet and What you can have during the first 30 days:
Eat This Avoid That
Brown Rice Gluten
Brown Rice Cakes White Flour
Brown Rice Tortillas Flour or Corn Tortillas
Brown Rice Pasta Wheat, Rye, Barley
Gluten Free Oatmeal Bread
Green Tea Caffeine, Coffee
Water with Lemon Red Apples, NO dried fruit
Arbonne Fizzy Tabs Soda & Diet Soda
Stevia Sweetener Alcohol
Xylitol Sweetener Nitrates
Blue Agave Nectar MSG
Green Apples Artificial Sweeteners
Berries Soy
Almond Butter Vinegar Products
Raw Coconut Flakes Mustard, Pickles, Etc.
Leafy Salad Dairy, Milk
Steamed Veggies Cheese
Lean Proteins Cream, Sour Cream
Bananas, Melons, Grapes


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