Give it enough time

I woke up thinking about a lot of things today. I was mostly thinking about how much my life has been shifting lately and about the incredible people being brought into my life and the positive energy surrounding us all. I was reviewing in my mind all the incredible texts, emails, calls, facebook messages, DM's on Twitter and all other forms of communication and feeling very blessed. Relationships are so amazing and make life such a pleasure.

I was also thinking about times of planting and harvesting and how we must constantly be planting seeds and someday, if you don't quit and give it enough time, the harvest will come in. When we build a home based business or any type of business where we are mostly "selling ourselves" and building relationships, we all have those days that we totally want to quit. It is completely natural and we sure get a ton of rejection.

But, here is the hope I offer you, at some point when you continue to be consistent and build a good, solid reputation, things will turn around and people will start to come to you. The harvest will come! Over the past five years, I have met with many people who were not interested in the business I had to offer, but who became good friends. I am now at a point where people are coming back to me. The time wasn't right for them back then, it didn't have anything to do with me and I didn't need to take anything personally ( I never did), but now, they are ready, the time is right for them.

We often say, "Don't quit before payday" "the darkest hour is just before dawn" and so many more phrases that basically come down to don't quit and give it enough time. So, today, I encourage you to keep moving forward, don't quit, don't be discouraged. You have amazing gifts that will help others and you are needed and cherished. Go out and make someone smile today, be the brightest light in their world.


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