It's time to get uncomfortable

There have been so many amazing things happening in my life recently. Most of them have been occurring inside of me and that is what is changing the external landscape of my life. So many people will say that the shift happens from something inside of them that changes. They are just meaningless words until the shift happens in you and you get the "Ah-ha" moment. I am going to attempt to put some of these feelings into words to share and hopefully help others along their path to being their best selves.

One of the big realizations that I had was that I was never going to be comfortable again. In order to get where I want to go, I need to do things daily that make me uncomfortable. I have been rolling this thought around  in my head for quite some time. I basically came to the conclusion that I definitely want to be better every day and if that requires that I am uncomfortable, then, so be it.

Well, in this last month, there have also been about four days that I have thought, "This is the best day of my life", "I can't imagine life being any better", "I could not possibly be happier". I have had so many moments where I am utterly filled with joy, my cup is overflowing,  I know that I am radiating the glow and that life is grand.

Is it any coincidence that upon embracing being uncomfortable, these other incredible days and feelings just flow into my life? I think not. I believe they are all related. Embrace being uncomfortable because in the discomfort, there lies the tremendous freedom, growth, inner peace, contentment and so much more that comes from challenging ourselves daily to do more and be better.

Go ahead, enjoy being uncomfortable today.


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