Jan becomes a Regional Vice President

Jan's Journey to Regional Vice President with Arbonne
Pictured with Monica Baconrind, Nina Henson, Nicole Sanchez, Jan Camp, Kerry Bradshaw, Elizabeth Thomsen

Can we do this? 

Yes, we can!

Is this really happening? 

Where are we now? 

Down to the wire
Jan and her husband, Ed, on the phone with our National Vice President,
Christy Dreiling, discussing this triumphant moment!

It's time to celebrate!!!

The journey to Regional Vice President with Arbonne has been a long one for  Jan.  I have been on this journey with Jan for  five years now, almost six!! Jan has been in Arbonne for seven years. There are some people that go straight to the top and others are in for the long haul. Well, no matter what, we should all be in for the long haul. We often say that the best thing about this journey is who you become along the way, well, that and the people who come into our lives. When I started Arbonne, I knew nobody in the area, I had just moved here. It is through handing out samples of products and building relationships that I have my current network of INCREDIBLE friends!! Arbonne is a company that focuses on our personal development. You will only grow your business as big as you grow yourself. The people who are joining our team now are promoting much quicker because Jan and I have a system for success that is incredibly powerful and, well, yes, successful.

I have learned so many things along this journey. I have literally felt like I was floating most of this last month as so many things have fallen into place beautifully. After all of these years, Jan and I are in the momentum that we have always dreamed of. I do want to try to put things into words so that they can benefit other people who are on a similar journey.

The biggest thing that I have seen change in us is our belief. Our upline National Vice President, Christy Dreiling, has been pouring belief into Jan and I. She is telling us that we are ready, that we can do this, and that now is our time. We went to Christy's home in Kansas on the first of November for a few days for a retreat and some time with Christy and also National Vice President, Leslie Humphrey. This was one of the most life changing events of my life! I learned so many things. I learned:

Successful people are pretty normal.
Successful people get uncomfortable daily.
Successful people immediately implement new things that are known to bring more success.
Believe. Believe. Believe.
Never Quit. 
You are creating a family, a support network, you NEED each other.
You must gracefully accept constructive criticism.
Always put others first....always!
Do what is best for everybody.
Being a coach means being tougher than I am used to being.
If you help someone to dream, you better help them achieve (requires tough love).

So, Jan and I have hung in there together, through good times and bad, we have been a team, sometimes of only two ;) In the past few months, things have really started changing. I believe it is all in the mindset. Making a decision and believing that you will be successful and never quitting. Yes, our road has been a bit longer than some, but you know what? We are still here, still moving forward, still promoting and doing what many will NEVER do.

Congratulations, Jan, you have earned this! You do deserve it and you have been an incredible leader and friend to me. I am so grateful for your presence in my life! Here's to being a Nation in the near future!

~Camp Region Christmas party and celebration~


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