Nicole's Favorite Family Quote of 2012

Recently, I was working on chiropractic billing in my home office. I love working from home because the kids are usually in the room, one or more chatting about life.

The best thing I overheard this year was a conversation between Cassidy and Emily.

Emily, "Have you ever noticed that relationships get fixed at our house?" Cassidy, "Everything gets fixed at our house....PEOPLE get fixed at our house."

My heart just felt so full in that moment. It is such a simple formula, be here and present for all who walk through the doors, listen and accept people unconditionally whether you agree with them or not. Love people, just love them. It seems that especially teens are not getting the love they need. Kids need adults in their lives in addition to their parents. How often have I mentioned that I love the village that helps raise my children? Yes, I love the adults that nurture and care for my children as I would when I am unavailable and I am here for their children, too, to serve in the same capacity.

Love and's as simple as that.


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