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It is hard to think of trying to narrow down my favorite product to just one. In fact, it is impossible! You may or may not know that I have been a consultant with Arbonne for 11 years and there is a reason, or many, while I am still here using the products and recommending to them to others. I had my big experience that got me in Arbonne's door with their RE9 anti-aging skin care set.

You see, I had adult acne my whole adult life. I would break out a couple of weeks before "that time of the month" and I wouldn't clear up until a week or two after it passed, which basically meant that I was always broken out in acne! I had recently moved to Idaho and was experiencing the drier climate and higher elevation and my husband recommended that I find a great skin care line high in anti-oxidants. Enter Arbonne. I was complaining about my dry skin at the gym and a gal on the treadmill next to me offered me samples of Arbonne and the rest is history ;) I immediately experienced hydrated and softer skin, it felt great to not be dry anymore! And, in about 2 months, my acne cleared up and people started asking me what I was using on my skin. I decided to join the business because it was very natural to share with others what was working for me. Since then, I have loved the people, encouragement, everyone that I have been able to help, the ingredient policy, the integrity, my list is long about the things I enjoy about Arbonne. I am now 47 and very pleased with how my skin is aging. I also have been enjoying the health benefits of all the fitness products and I LOVE the cosmetics too!

Today, I am blogging to get the message out a special that is only good until the end of January, 2018. I will continue to share my favorite things about various ingredients and what they have done for my skin and health over time. But, in the interest of time and this month simply flying by, I will get right to the point :)

I plan to continue using Arbonne's skin care and I highly recommend that you give it a try too. Arbonne does lots of research and has incredible science behind their products. The company truly cares about the health of people. We strive to have clean, healthy formulations and deliver superior results.

Nicole's Arbonne Website

When you become a preferred client in Arbonne, you are buying at a discount, but not "doing the business". It is an excellent buying program very similar to having a membership at a discount store. You have zero monthly obligations, but for $29 a year, you receive a minimum of 20% discount and free shipping on all orders over $150 retail volume. There are awesome set specials that are called ASVP's and they are 40% off.

To learn more about each item in the set, how to use it and the benefits of each product, please watch this video. RE9 Advanced Instruction Video

A few years back we had a body serum and lotion set that my clients LOVED! Well, Arbonne has combined the two products into one and reformulated adding extra peptides and orange stem cells. This new product isn't available to purchase yet, but if you order the Anti-Aging skin care ASVP set, the new product is being thrown in as a free product! And, if you become a preferred client and pay the $29, you get the set for 40% off plus FREE shipping and another free product of your choice from a list of products. The value of this is well over $600 and you can get it for about $330 (depends on your state's sales tax). Arbonne also has a 45 day money back guarantee if you decide you don't like the products.

Please contact me directly if you have questions about this incredible deal. My cell phone number is 208-949-1740.

We also have other great deals, for example, if you order this set, you will get an additional free product from the list above on your NEXT order of $150 or more. The $150 will cost you $120, plus you get free shipping and a free product choice, there are products on the list that retail for $98 and $88 so this deal is an INCREDIBLE savings. You have 2 months to redeem this offer, but if you want to order more, the free product repopulates into your cart each time you place an order and redeem it, so you will keep having the free product if your cart as long as you use it before it expires.

I would love to help you with your skin care needs and concerns.

I hope the rest of January goes well for you and that this coming year is a fantastic year for you! I am excited about many aspects of this year and hope that you can share this journey with me!


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